About us
  The company is now located in Lianshui County Economic Development Zone, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, China. It was founded in February 1999. It is located in Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Huaian Jin Zhi Cheng Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of electrified aluminum covers, perfume bottles (perfume bottles), cream bottles, UV plastic packaging, aluminum spray bottles, medical caps, wine caps and other packaging products. It integrates processing and production, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. We are in line with high quality ...
Industry pioneer brand extends for more than 20 years.
Since its establishment for more than 20 years, it has been market-oriented, customer oriented and innovation driven.
Advanced technology products keep improving
The whole process of product development, production, installation and service runs strictly according to IS09001 quality system. The quality of each link has comprehensive traceability and traceability.
Many varieties, complete specifications, stable quality and excellent service
We hope that through the perfect design, manufacturing, testing and after-sales service, to ensure that each product in the application process to give full play to various performance indicators, to produce high-quality products in line with international standards.
Brand advantage without worry
Strive to build brand. In line with the concept of high quality, service, innovative production, operation and design, our products have won the praise of customers at home and abroad, especially the welcome of customers in Europe, America and the Middle East.
What kind of perfume bottle has collection value
  Each perfume bottle, like a different story, is designed to express the unique
How to preserve perfume?
1. perfume should be stored in a cool place and avoid being placed in hot air an
What is the meaning of the front, middle and back tones of perfume?
When each fragrance is introduced, it will be marked in front, middle and back.
How should perfume be sprayed ?
How to use perfume should pay attention to the method instead of buying a spray.
Contact us
Add:No. six Wei 1 road, Lianshui Economic Development Zone, Huaian, Jiangsu, China

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